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Drug treatment of impotence of psychogenic genesis plays a secondary supporting role. Powerful antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs eliminate only the visible symptoms of a psychogenic disorder, without acting on the cause of the decrease in the sexual strength of a man. To avoid the return of impotence, to prevent the body from weakening due to the side effects of psychotropic drugs, it is necessary to detect and eliminate the factors that gave rise to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, the main emphasis in the treatment of psychogenic impotence is placed on psychotherapy and the work of a psychologist. otc viagra

During the consultation, the patient learns about the features, nature and mechanisms of impotence. The psychologist tells the client what external factors often serve as a trigger for erectile dysfunction. During the conversation, the specialist helps the patient to impartially study the past and present, objectively analyze character traits, and identify psycho-traumatic situations in personal history. The psychologist educates the man in what ways you can avoid the occurrence of stressful circumstances and resolve conflicts with society.

The psychotherapist’s task is to identify stereotypical attitudes and inspired harmful beliefs in the patient’s thinking. After the discovery of these non-constructive links, the doctor motivates the patient to replace them with useful functional thoughts. The patient gains control skills over his thinking, learns how to manage emotional state. A man masters effective and safe methods of psychological defense, which become a reliable shield to avoid stress and prevent erectile dysfunction.

The result of psychotherapeutic treatment is the acquisition of adequate self-esteem for patients, the resolution of internal conflicts, the full acceptance of personality. After psychotherapeutic treatment, male strength is fully restored and the obsessive fear of sexual contact disappears.

Impotence Diet
To overcome sexual impotence, men need to follow a diet and make a diet of natural fresh products. For erectile dysfunction, it is advisable to eat food in small portions with an equal interval of at least four times a day. Attention should be paid to the drinking regime: to maintain a normal metabolism, you need to drink two liters of purified still water daily. Every day on the table of the patient with impotence should be present:

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Proteins of animal origin (cottage cheese, milk, eggs, sea fish, boiled lean meat);
Sources of zinc – an important trace element that promotes the production of sex hormones and increases sperm activity (nuts, grains and legumes, pumpkin seeds, mushrooms, beef liver, fish and seafood);